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Throughout the year, the Participation Team help community groups develop bespoke cultural projects entirely based their own interests and needs. We assist groups to realise the goals for their projects and connect them with the people who can help. So whether it’s putting together a community exhibition, or organising a heritage festival we are there both to help bring plans to life and to show where to go next.

Blooming Books

The Participation Team and the Leicestershire Virtual School have worked in partnership to produce a series of 6 short films for foster carers. The films, named ‘Blooming Books’, are centred...

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Nurturing Reading for Pleasure in Children in Care

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team wanted to find a way to support carers and children in care during the strange and unsettling time. Reading, stories and craft activities can help to focus on something else for little while and reduce the stress and anxiety that can often go hand in hand with change and uncertainty. With this in mind, we developed book and craft packages for all primary children in care.

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Story Champions

A new and exciting project that will combine the knowledge and enthusiasm of Participation Team staff and our valued Foster Carers in Leicestershire. Together we will create a bespoke training package that will aid in inspiring children and young people in care to read for pleasure and then share our knowledge with the wider fostering community.

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A social media project to collate and curate videos representing how people are spending their time during the coronavirus pandemic. We are living through a significant global historical event and our aim is to share and preserve the positivity and real sense of community that has been undeniable in recent weeks.

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NextGen HeritageFest2021

The first ever event of its kind; bringing together young people from across Leicestershire to explore and share what heritage means to them. Our mission - heritage is relevant to everybody! Traditionally, young people don’t have the opportunity and access, to engage in heritage, we aim to change this.

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Bespoke Cultural Activity for Children in Care

Our teams within Communities and Wellbeing join together to involve and inspire primary school aged children and their siblings and carers to access and use our local heritage venues and the resources they offer.

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The Secret History of Ladybird Books

In 2019 ‘The Secret History of Ladybird Books’ event took place at Charnwood Museum, in partnership and Loughborough University. The event was part of the national Being Human Festival 2019, the UK’s only national celebration of the humanities!

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Unlocking Our Sound Heritage

This project aims to preserve and provide access to as much as possible of the nation's rare and unique sound recordings. It is a partnership led by the British Library, with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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